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Your Google Rankings May Be Affected

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Google's August 2023 core update has begun its rollout and is expected to take around two weeks to finish. This marks the second major algorithm shift for 2023, with the prior one being the March 2023 update, which was introduced on March 15 and concluded on March 28. It's now been over five months since that March update.

Google made the announcement via Twitter and also refreshed its search update page with the statement:

"Initiated the August 2023 core update. Expect a full rollout over the next 14 days."

Guidance for those affected: Google has previously shared insights for those who may find their rankings adversely affected by such updates:

- There isn't a set remedy for recovery. A decline in rankings doesn't necessarily indicate a fault with your content.

- Google has provided a set of considerations for websites that might be affected by these core updates.

- Some minor recovery might be observed between core updates, but substantial changes typically follow another core update.

The significance: It's essential to stay informed about Google's search algorithm modifications, as these can lead to better or poorer performance in search results. Recognizing when these shifts occur helps discern whether any changes in performance are due to modifications made to a site or changes in Google's ranking system. Currently, it's evident that Google has introduced a core update, so monitoring site analytics and rankings for the next few weeks is advisable.

Update on reviews: The most recent confirmed update before this was the April 2023 reviews update, which commenced on April 12 and wrapped up by April 25.

Earlier in the year, there was also a notable February 2023 product reviews update that started on February 21 and spanned 14 days, culminating on March 7.


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